The invisible power of polymer dispersions


Polymer dispersions and lattices are used in many applications. Once applied we can no longer see the binder in its original form. This is what we call the invisible power. Most products are used as a binder or an adhesive. The powders made from polymer dispersions and lattices are mainly used in the construction business, including tile adhesives.
Water based polymer dispersions, lattices and redispersible powders made thereof, can be used as binder in various applications such as :


Hobby Glue
Wood (furniture)


In & Out Paints
Wall Paints
Paper Coating


Tile adhesives
Mortar modification


Carpet Backing
Non Woven
Faux Leather

From a liquid coating to a solid film

In the wet state polymer droplets can move freely and hardly touch each other.
During the water evaporation of the water, polymer droplets get close to each other.
With progressive drying and contraction, polymer droplets are no longer mobile.
Through further evaporation of water the capillary forces finally compress together the polymer droplets until coalescence.

Benefits of polymer dispersions, lattices and redispersible powders made thereof

  • Reduced use of hazardous solvents
  • Substitution of hazardous reactive chemicals
  • More sustainable products by increasing lifetime
  • Saving resources due to improving performance
  • Are more sustainable than other alternatives
  • Bring demonstrable health benefits
  • Support the objectives of the European Green Deal and Sustainability goals.

Safe and sustainable examples of polymer dispersions, lattices and powders made thereof

  • Only 2% of polymers in modern tile adhesives lead to huge savings in the amount mortar (and hence energy)
  • Dispersion-based technologies increase strength & durability, allowing a reduction in thickness of up to 80%
  • Dispersion-based floor protection systems enable the substitution of hazardous chemistry, being safer and more sustainable
  • Polymer dispersions, lattices and powders made thereof increase workplace safety
  • Artificial leather can be produced more sustainable by using polyurethane dispersions
Ensuring the safety and sustainability of products is crucial for the well-being of both consumers and the environment. With this in mind, it's worth noting that EPDLA has been instrumental in enabling safe and sustainable products for over 30 years. 
EPDLA has enabled Safe and Sustainable products for more than 30 Years